Including hardware, software solutions and integration with unified command and control


To keep up the pace with the latest technologies from civilian and defense sectors


Move from terrain domination to data domination through AI


Automated tasks, removing humans from risky operations

U.S. Made

Sovereign and auditable

Our Solutions

Smart Flight Controller

Designed to bring aerospace standards to unmanned operations. Safe, redundant and environment aware.

Scalable drones design

One mission, one drone. From small foldable ISR platforms to cargo logistics, our drones can carry from 1 lbs to 850 lbs.

Fleet management

Drone data insights, logistic operations, maintenance plans, intelligent command and control connected to AI data pipeline allowing smart decisions.

Artificial Intelligence

Real time alerts with tactical AI, long term trends with strategic AI, context awareness, better planning.

IT Integration

We can make any of our reference solutions your customized solution by integrating it with your IT system, your logistics backend, your mobile devices, your reporting system.

Our Team

  • Testimonial

    Christopher Thobaben

    Co-Founder and CEO

    About Christopher Thobaben

    Christopher has served in the Marine Corps and has worked as an experienced supply chain manager both for the government and private companies. He has been at the core of several programs where he has built a strong expertise around autonomous operations.

  • Testimonial

    Kevin Lopez Alvarez

    Co-founder & CTO

    About Kevin Lopez Alvarez

    Kevin is an aerospace engineer with a strong hardware and software skill set. Technology aficionado, he has worked for several startups around the world.

  • Testimonial

    Vincent JULIE

    Co-Founder and COO

    About Vincent JULIE

    Vincent is a former IT expert who had his first encounter with unmanned systems a decade ago. He has both corporate and startup experiences where he has participated in the growth of the global drone ecosystem as a manager and a strategist.

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