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smart rover



MAREN-GO Smart Rover is a 4-wheel-drive autonomous fully-electric buggy with extreme off-road capabilities. Its unique mechanical design and autonomy make it truly all-terrain and enable logistics, route clearance, and emergency extraction missions even in the most difficult scenarios at affordable rates.





  • Dimensions: 225 x 138 x 130cm; 150 kg
  • Autonomy: 4h
  • Payload: 200kg / 340lbs
  • Speed: 35 kmh / 21 mph
  • Manned or unmanned
  • Waypoint navigation
  • Collision avoidance
  • Remote command and control
  • Disruptive crossing capabilities
  • Auto-stable pendular design



  • Logistics Force Multiplier platform

Maren-go Smart Rover can team with dismounted personnel or traverse isolated routes carrying equipment, material, or people. It can be driven with a joystick from the inside or programmed to navigate autonomously in unknown environments. Fleets can be operated BVLOS by a single operator via ATAK or other handheld device interface without training.


  • Route Clearance platform

Where current operations for route clearance, counter mine, and counter IED require high value manned assets, the Maren-go Smart Rover can autonomously employ systems such as Duke, Symphony, IED detectors, or controlled explosion neutralization without putting lives at risk. Smaller unit value exposes the enterprise to less risk and creates an opportunity for area of operations saturation with persistence of presence as convoy overlap of hours become minute to minute rover presence.


  • Tactical Awareness platform

Agility is often needed in complex scenarios where decisions need to be made quickly, accurately and safely. Marengo Smart Rover is capable of capturing adaptative data on-the-go and digitalizing terrain to provide users with meaningful insights. Augmented with autonomous flying dismounts, one vehicle can bring to the front a robust task organized set of unmanned platforms to execute unique missions including ISR, CUAS, and remote persistence.

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